General objective of DONAUREGIONEN+ project is the description of the potential of the middle a lower part of the Danube and its importance for the Europe as important development corridor. The specific objective represents elaboration of the Joint Donauregionen Development Strategy (D+Strategy), having in mind the scenarions of the ESDP for this part of Europe. This requires common cooperation of planners of involved countries based on ARGE. The specific objective of the project will be achieved throught the combination of (1) bottom-up approach activities based on identification and evaluation of existing strategies (1a) of Danube NUTS3 regions, (1b) of existing euroregions and (1c) of bigger danube cities and ports and (2) the top-down approach activities connected with identification and evaluation of relevant spatial planning and regional policies, documents and systems of (2a) european and (2b) national importance.

Project represents an attempt of integration of existing relevant european, national, regional and key local strategies in order to support Danube regions, towns and ports, which are in bad economic situation, but have the potential for sustainable development as centers or ports of the Danube. To achieve this the project will improve communication between the planners in Danube region, specifically in the sectors of Natural Conditions, Settlement Structures and Human Resources, Transport and Technical infrastructure and Economy throught the further development of Metainformation system, project Web site and Geographical information system developed in Interreg IIIB project Donauregionen.