Workpackage 1 - Transnational project management and coordination

Activity 1.1 –Project administration

Project administration, project management, coordination, financial management and preparation of necessary documentation in view of the certification of expenditure

Activity 1.2 –Terminology

Comparative vocabulary of relevant planning terms of all involved countries. The vocabulary will concentrate on the terms directly used in the project documents.


Activity 1.3 – Planning methods

Methodology - will be verified on the territory of the Slovakia and Hungary. It will serve as a pilot project for other relevant partners. The proposed methodology will be discussed between partners and will serve as a preliminary guide for elaboration of individual WPs and activities. The special attention will be given to project information system, GIS and project WEB.








Activity 1.4 – Partnership development

Partnership development involves the official setup of the project partnership, Specifinition of the partners roles in the project, rules for mutual communication. Setting up the managemnet structures and the ways of coordination.

Activity 1.5 – Workshops